Within The Child,
lies the fate of The Future


We are the Authentic Montessori Preschool in Denpasar that serves children from 6 months old - 6 years of age.
Our program will nurture your children in their golden period to grow to their full potential
as well as prepare your children for their future with love of learning, independence, self-discipline and

Why Choose Agape Montessori Bali

Authentic Montessori Approach

Agape Montessori Bali is owned and run by Montessori Certified Mom. We follow the Montessori method devise by Dr Maria Montessori.


Our education programs focus on child holistic growth: physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Our Montessori learning materials, nutritious and healthy meal program and social community prepare the children for world.

Character Building

Character building equips young minds with responsibility, resilience, spirit of excellence, problem solving skill and team work. Even though intelligence is what bring you to the top, it is always the personality that maintains you at the top.

Our Programs


Our program nurture children aged from 6 months old to 6 years old. Students are guided along individualised learning paths that are aligned with their personal stage of development and method of learning, following Montessori principles.

Food + Nutrition

The quality and choice of food is a meaningful factor in the health of our students, which ultimately affects their well-being and their learning. The goal is to help the children to develop a healthy life.

Physical Activity, Exercises & Sport

We believe that learning is not all in the head only. There is strong connection between the movement and brain development. Children will have up to one hour of outside play and activities daily. Children will learn about using their bodies through activities and exercises to bring awareness around the body and the power of movement as form of expression.


Let Your Kids Reach Their Full
Potential for Their Bright Future

We can't wait to nurture them with love of learning, independence,
self discipline and confidence.